Private Assets

Private Assets

Preserving assets - increasing assets

In the area of private assets, long-term orientation, sustainability and security are central aspects of our consulting. Going beyond tax consulting, we advise you on topics such as private asset planning, succession planning and foundations.

For private persons we offer customised, objective asset planning. As a consulting company independent of banks we analyse your financial situation and work out the optimum appropriate investment strategy for you and your family. The aim is a sound foundation for a financially well secured future – irrespective of whether you can already look back on many successful years in your profession or are just in the process of establishing a basis for a livelihood.

Our consulting concept is structured in the phases:

  • comprehensive survey and analysis of the actual state of affairs
  • development and implementation of strategies
  • Regular checking of results and, if necessary, adjustment of the strategies Within the scope of private asset planning questions are asked such as:
    • What does the financial situation look like at the moment?
    • How will assets and commitments develop during the next few years?
    • What financial consequences would illness and occupational incapacity have?
    • How long do I still have to work in order to be able to spend my retirement in financial security?
    • Are my assets meaningfully structured?
    • How are my private assets secured against company risks?
    • What will happen to my assets upon abandonment or transfer of the business?
    •  What effect will marriage or a separation have on my assets?